Tax Manager conquers London’s Hottest Marathon


Tax Manager conquers London’s Hottest Marathon

Chris Beard, Tax Manager at KSK Luton was pounding the streets of London yesterday in what turned out to be London’s hottest ever marathon.

Together with more than 40,000 fellow competitors, Chris took a steady pace to ensure he was not beat by the record 24.1C (75.3F) temperatures recorded in St. James Park. The course temperatures were probably even hotter as the London streets would have absorbed all that heat.

It cannot be all bad, as it was reported that with all the road closures leading to far less traffic on the capitals roads, it was reported that air pollution dropped by an impressive 89% in places. Perhaps we should all start running to work in future.

Despite warnings from the race organisers not wear costumes because of the extreme weather conditions there were still many colourful racers on show.

Chris however, proved that you do not have to draw attention to yourself to get noticed as he was caught by the TV cameras featuring the record breaking event. Chris’s snippet of fame can be viewed here:

CB London 2018 video

Mo Farah competed in his first marathon, finishing in third place, beating the 33 year old British record set by Steve Jones. Mo’s finish time was two hours six minutes and 21 seconds. The race was won by Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge.

Chris has set his sight on his own personal record as completing the London Marathon now brings his total marathon’s run to an impressive Ninety Four!

Chris is aiming to complete 100 marathons before the end of this year!

This means that Chris has already run a total of two thousand, four hundred and fifty three point 4 miles. With only  a further one hundred and fifty six point six miles to go Chris is taking it all in his stride.

Chris Beard London 2018