Marathon Man Chris Beard completes his 100th Marathon to join the 100 Marathon Club

Marathon Man Chris Beard completes his 100th Marathon to join the 100 Marathon Club

Chris Beard Celebrates 100th Marathon

On 30th August 2018 Chris Beard, Tax Manager at Keens Shay Keens Ltd completed 26.2 mile course in the Once Upon a Run in Surrey to achieve the impressive goal of completing 100 marathons.

Chris’s journey of more than 3.3 million strides began back in September 2008 in the Nottinghamshire Robin Hood marathon.  That Sunday Chris joined 1,128 other finishers to complete his inaugural marathon in 04:28:37.

Just over 10 years later Chris, most appropriately wearing bib number 100 lined up at 9:30am on Thursday morning with the aim to fulfil his goal of completing 100 marathons.  Just less than 4 ¾ hours later Chris crossed the finish line to achieve his goal.

Congratulations to Chris for this fantastic achievement.

Further information about Chris’s epic marathon journey can be found here:-


Whilst we are on the theme of marathons why not try our marathon trivia quiz:

  1. The modern day marathon distance is now established at 26.2 miles.  When was this distance first established?
    1. 1908,
    2. 1912,
    3. 1904
  2. The marathon distance prior to this had generally been set at around 25 miles since the modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.  It was agreed to increase the distance to 26 miles, but this was extended to 26.2 miles; why was this?
    1. Roadworks
    2. A measuring error was made.
    3. So that the royal children could watch the start of race from their Nursery.
  3. What marathon has the largest number of competitors?
    1. London
    2. New York
    3. Beijing
  4. How many calories are burnt running a marathon?
    1. 866
    2. 1,320
    3. 2,620
  5. What is the slowest time for an Olympic marathoner?
    1. 4 hours 55 minutes
    2. 8 hours 12 minutes
    3. Over 54 years.
  6. How many strides will a runner make during a marathon?
    1. 24,000
    2. 26,000
    3. 33,000
  7. When was the first marathon run?
    1. 490 B. C.
    2. 240 B. C.
    3. 130 B. C.
  8. In which city was the earliest modern day marathon run and in what year?
    1. London, 1908
    2. Boston 1897
    3. New York 1912
  9. Where is the highest marathon (on Earth) held?
    1. Nepal
    2. Bhutan
    3. Tajikistan
  10. Who ran the first marathon in space?
    1. Buzz Lightyear
    2. Flash Gordon
    3. Tim Peake
  11. Where is the lowest marathon held?
    1. Death Valley
    2. Jordan Valley
    3. Lake Eyre
  12. What is thought to be the strangest marathon?
    1. Man versus horse
    2. Man versus dog
    3. Man versus robot

Found out how well you did here:-

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