Key Guides April 2019


Updated Key Guides now available

We are delighted to make available to you our updated and freshly designed Key Guides.

All the Guides have been reviewed for changes to the 2019/20 tax year. The following Guides have specific changes as detailed. If a title is not listed, then no additional substantive changes have been made. The disclaimer date on the guides have been updated to reflect the date of the review.

A summary of the Key Guides and download links are Here:-

Accessing your company profits

  • Updates for the 2019 Budget, including the NIC thresholds, national living wage and personal allowance

Key Guide – Accessing Company Profits

Investing tax efficiently

  • Updates for the 2019 Budget, including the personal allowance, dividend allowance and capital gains allowance
  • Updated property income tax rate for 2019/20 with, a quarter of interest set against rent and the balance qualifying for the 20% tax credit.
  • Updated capital gains and capital losses example with new personal allowance.

Key Guide – Investing Tax Efficiently

Making Tax Digital

  • The latest on the MTD implementation schedule, including information on the ‘soft-landing’ phase.

Key Guide – Making Tax Digital

Pension tax planning for high earners

  • Updates for the 2019 tax year including income tax thresholds for and the UK including Scotland, the personal allowance and pension allowances.

Key Guide – Pensions Tax Planning

Retirement and tax

  • New example on state pension tax, with new 2019/20 personal allowance and state pension figures.

key Guide – Retirement and Tax Planning

Starting and selling a business

  • Updated example for the tax cost of different business structures including 2019/20 tax thresholds.

Key Guide – Starting and Selling a Business

Strategies for a high-tax environment

  • Updated government borrowing projections from the Office of Budget Responsibility.
  • Capital gains tax example updated for 2019/20 tax year.

Key Guide – Strategies for a High Tax Environment

Tax allowances for business investment

  • Updates for capital allowances claim example.

Key Guide – Tax Allowances for Business Investment

Taxation of property

  • Updated buy-to-let income example, on finance costs restrictions.

Key Guide – Taxation of Property

You and yours – estate planning

  • Update on the postponement of the probate fees increase and the IHT residence nil rate band.

Key Guide – Estate Planning

If you have any difficulties accessing the Key Guides or have any queries, contact Paul Southward.

Paul Southward